Opening the box

From Sol LeWitt: 100 Views

“Everyone gets into their own box and enunciates principles,” LeWitt said in an interview in 2003. “You have your own constraints and your own structure … and then you realize that what you’re saying is ‘I can do this, but I can’t do that.’ And then at some point you say, ‘Well, why not?’ … ‘Every wall is a door.’ “

I read that quote and found myself asking: “What does it mean; how is every wall like a door?”  Considering the image accompanying the quote, I roused this answer:  Art is an expression of life, and my valuation of each (art & life) represents an experience, a perception that I place into the world.  This process of perceiving is a form of interrelatedness, an alchemic intimacy that transforms “this is” into “this is that to me.

What I love about this idea is that what is mine, my perceptions, my experience, is all mine.  I feel empowered.  What I create and place into the world, be that art, an opinion, a kind word, a judgment, each decision is mine to shape.  And the more aware I am of the subtleties, the better able I am to influence my own processes.

I find that when I recognize my own reflection in each stream of consciousness, I can relax into the process and enjoy the flow.  It’s buoyant, and the water’s warm.

It also gets easier with practice.




“It seemed like a wall at first, then like a room, and, eventually, a magnificent architecture of ideas.”

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