the various colors of W

This is(oar   [or {ore }])   what was

said to me:

“I want to be happy.”

I want/   this is a grasping

to be/      this isn’t now

happy/    this is process               disguised as outcome

Here   Now 

This is the experience of

what is     as it is    even when    This Is    is    what is   presently absent

and that’s the irony

presently absent/  a hole in the fabric of   what is              my                                      emotional skin

hole/ “W” gone rogue

whereas the fabric of my personal tapestry


r strands  I   weave

1st comes the blue thread

2nd the red

next is shadow, sage, copper, ivory, lemon, lime, apricot, amber, platinum, silver, salmon, chartreuse, vermillion, ochre, teal, amaranth, lavender, spruce, ruby and cerulean

presently    this is/ a shift of awareness