Hypnotic Realm Tarot Journeys 

Hypnotic Realm Tarot Journeys

I found this Tarot spread on the web @www.InterrobangTarot.com.  (I love her site.  You should check it out.)   I laughed when I came across it, so I thought I’d share both the laughter and the actual layout.

OK, here’s what we do (with this design or another query spread):

We open with questions: what is “The Face of my Challenge” & what is “The Crux of What Hounds Me.”  That understood, from the Tarot cards I work with, you choose a single Court Card.  This image represents The Face of my Challenge.  Once our Tarot reading is complete and we transition into Hypnosis, that Court Card will be the character of your journey while traveling inside the Hypnotic Realm.

The Crux of What Hounds Me, as well as the other four cards, will be laid out by your hands or my own.  Together we can work with a traditionally styled Tarot Reading or we can work with the imagery you select as symbolic of the labeled card positions.  Given that, I will then hand you a deck of Tarot cards and you will decide what cards speak to you; which cards go where?

Once the cards are placed, by your hands or myself as an emissary of Fate, we begin the reading that is the groundwork for your upcoming journey.  This process could be considered akin to a past-life regression or, perhaps, a yet-lived life progression. Depending on your belief system, this journey may represent moments, years, places and relationships experienced as part of a past-life-within-this-life or even what’s happening now.

Snuggled deep within the comfort of a Gravity Chair or on a studio massage table, I will place you deeper still into the grace of a hypnotic trance.  There we’ll explore those patterns, images, and interpretations that you’ve found meaningful to you.

So, if it’s in the cards, let’s do this!   Contact me.   Appointments available.

See Taymara Montague located at 3041 Aldrich Ave S, Minneapolis, 55408 or


of “This statement is false” and other truths

It is said: “Each archetype moves us through duality into paradox,” a movement through polarity that opens and affirms each wealth of contradiction.


Something like quantum particles that can occupy different space simulataneously, I thought; only, “There isn’t any wave particle duality because an electron isn’t a particle and it isn’t a wave. Instead it’s an excitation in a quantum field. The electron field can interact in ways that look like a particle and it can interact in ways that look like a wave, but that doesn’t mean it is a particle or is a wave.”

What Is becomes What-Is-at-a-Given-Time-&-(particular)-Context.


I am

This Line

Is: statementoftheabsoluteandconsideration



Welcome, traveler.

This page where you have landed – and landed softly, I hope – this is the entry point to what is and what may best be considered the  Art of Being (as best I can communicate given the medium of a blog post).  What you can expect:

  • Philosophy of Perception (awareness mediated by the senses) and Experience
  • Spirit & Creation (as activity [activity as an artform { & art formed often as photography & poetry } ] )
  • Any number of other items related to living well and the process of enjoyment
  • Metaphor, Symbolism, Trance & Hypnosis

If you find yourself  inspired, like me, by the process of learning & discovery… then we are, you and I, precisely where it is that we intend:

Right Place; Right Time; Right Now